Cleared to operate: Getting the stamp of approval!


Last month I put up an update on how Mukundi is now a registered organization. In as much as we are proud of the progress we have made thus far, it is not the end of process for us. Now our efforts are focused on getting cleared to operate in Murewa District, where we want to start our operations.

More about clearance.

After getting our registration certificate from the Ministry of Youth Provincial office in Marondera, I visited Ministry of Local Government offices where I submitted a letter seeking Provincial clearance to operate in Murewa district. This was submitted along with copies of, our constitution and certificate of registration. After a waiting period of two weeks, I was able to collect the clearance letter which had specific instructions for us to engage stakeholders at district level before commencing operations.

Thereafter I visited the District Development Coordinators’ offices to submit copies of our organizational profile, organogram, resumes’ of all the executive committee members, names of other members. Communication with these offices has us informed that they are still in the process of clearing and that they will update us on the next steps to take after they done.  The anticipated steps that we were advised as those that could possibly come next involve a district inception meeting, meetings with the district council and signing of a memorandum of understanding.

What comes next?

Currently we are waiting to get our clearance so that we can start operating. We will update you on the progress made and the steps that we will be taking next. We remain steadfast in our vision of a world where orphans can grow in environments where they can realize their full potential thus enabling them to become resilient individuals with self-determined futures. We want to break down the barriers specifically, HIV/AIDS stigma related barriers that make this impossible. Join us on our journey to create impact, through volunteering with us or making donations for us to kick-start one of our projects by clicking the button below. Thank you for reading and for your continued support.

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