What our colours mean to us


The colour purple is commonly associated with independence and dignity. We believe in independent thought and action i.e. not blindly following societal norms, practices or standards without critically questioning.  To us, dignity i.e. pride, self-esteem and self-respect means providing environments where individuals can develop the same so as to deal with real-world complexities, adapt, create and maintain relationships. 


The colour orange is commonly associated with hope, optimism and cheerfulness. To us, these three are what we can bounce back from when we are exposed to stigma and discrimination or other harsh realities of life. Yellow is also said to boost confidence, and curiosity and improve learning. This is important to us so as to maintain our value of remaining open-minded so as to understand new concepts, ideas and diversity. 


The colour orange is commonly associated with youth, enthusiasm and creativity. We believe in a  vibrant and youthful life for our beneficiaries. Enthusiasm to us means as an organization we do not want to be limited to thinking in a certain way we are eager to explore creative and unique interventions that help us reach our vision.  

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