Changing mindsets: The first step in making Mukundi a legally recognized entity


Mukundi the name of the organization is derived from a Shona word of Bantu origin which means one who overcomes challenges. I view our beneficiaries as resilient individuals who are capable of overcoming challenges because they are not at all limited. I truly believe that they are capable of being independent and having self-determined futures where if faced with problems, they will overcome them because they are “mukundi”. Therefore, it is Mukundi’s mission to create environments where our beneficiaries develop the necessary skills and mindsets to navigate real-world complexities with confidence as they transition into adulthood.

All about registration

We decided to register our organization to get the legal clearance to operate. In my research, I discovered that for Mukundi to carry out its activities, we would need to register as a Private Voluntary Organization. From the inquiries I made as well as the first steps I have taken to do this type of registration. I discovered that the process could take a minimum of 3 months. This prompted me to do more research about other forms of registrations I could do, such that we could begin implementing some of our activities. A colleague of mine gave me a suggestion to find out more about registration as an association under the Zimbabwe Youth Council whose activities fall under the Ministry of Youth.

Further inquiry at the Zimbabwe Youth Council informed me that the registration would take a minimum of five working days for it to be processed and approved. However, I was also informed that some of the projects Mukundi wants to do for example, taking in orphans under our care are not possible under this type of registration. For that, we require registration as a Private Voluntary Organization. On the other hand, I also discovered that our projects involving education/training were okay for us to carry out under this type of registration. With this in mind, I decided to register some of our activities to be carried out under the association’s registration as we go through all the other stages of registering as a Private Voluntary Organization.

There are five people in the text. Four are Ministry of Youth representatives and the fifth person is the founder /director of Mukundi
A picture of Mutongi Kawara the founder, engaging with Murewa District Ministry of Youth officers.
Steps we took in registering as an association


  • Coming together as twenty (20) committee members who wanted to support and work together for the benefit of Mukundi (this is also a prerequisite for registration).
  • Selecting the five executive committee members who would help in making decisions as well as steering the direction of Mukundi.
  • Drafting of the constitution which was read and approved by the committee members.
  • Submission of constitution and application at Marondera Provincial offices for the Zimbabwe Youth Council.
  • Payment of ZWL25,000 registration fee to the POSB bank.
  • Submission of receipt and collection of confirmation of registration certificate.
Who are our executive committee members? 


  • Mutongi T Kawara: Chairperson
  • Monalissa Tatenda Mateura: Treasurer
  • Beverly Masengu: Secretary
  • Ashley Mamvura: Vice Secretary
  • Tinashe Muzama: Special Advisor
What is next?

Now that Mukundi is registered as an association, with the registration number 4001M, we are super excited about this accomplishment. Going forward Mukundi will implement its activities which include skills training and psycho-social support. The impact we hope to see is, a change in perceptions when it comes to HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination; a decrease in HIV/AIDS infections amongst young people; empowered beneficiaries with skills and mindsets that allow them to overcome adversity, and have a self-determined future. 

Call to action!

Would you like to join us on our journey to create impact, these are the ways you can get involved with us, volunteering with us or making donations for us to kick-start our projects. 

Thank you for taking the time to read, until next time stay tuned!

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