Our Strategy:The 5-Pillar Orphan Care Model

Our projects will be carried out with the guidance of our 5-pillar Orphan Care Model. These pillars include health and wellness; exploration; enhanced competencies; integration and self-actualization.

Pillar 1: Health and Wellness

A miniature house being held in the hands

Health and wellness include being part of a family and having caregivers to provide love care and support. It also encompasses aspects of mental and physical health support; safe shelter, education; food and nutrition; protection; and time to play, enjoy and do things together as a family. 

Books in a library, some books are placed on the bookshelves and some on the table

Pillar 2: Exploration

mushroom, moss and grass growing agaric, fungal science.

Exploration will be done through themed camps which will include embarking on nature, culture, science, information and technology expeditions that are highly interactive and involve a wide array of games, sports, art, music, dance, experience, and exploration. It will also include hard skills training in different artisan skills. 

Paint brushes used to depict art

Pillar 3: Enhanced competencies

One tiny home surrounded by trees

Skills developed under pillar 2, allow beneficiaries to become better at discerning individual interests, independent thinking, goal setting and decision-making. At the age of 15-18, orphans will start moving into tiny homes and start living individually and independently in tiny homes/cottages. Though resources will be given to them they will be responsible for efficiently managing them. 

several to-do lists of different colours put one on top of the other

Pillar 4: Integration

linked, connected, network icon picture

Beneficiaries will be encouraged to integrate themselves more into the community in different ways including community engagement projects such as SRHR with the young people in the community. Organizing community projects that engage the community and other vulnerable children in the community through sporting activities, exhibitions,  fairs and training.

A group of at least ten girls standing in a circle with their palms pressed to each other.

Pillar 5: Self-actualization

Silhouette picture of four people sitting down and looking towards the board where it is written impossible but the I and M have been removed thus making the word read possible.

This pillar is built upon by the activities and interventions in the other four pillars. Here our beneficiaries will be able to determine whether they want to further their studies, apprentice or choose a unique career path. It is within this pillar that mukundi’s vision of individuals realizing their full potential which enables them to become resilient individuals with self-determined futures will be brought to life.

Silhouette picture of a group of young people raising their hands
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